Fake Bake - Half Body

Fake Bake - Half Body
Fake Bake - Half Body

Fake Bake - Half Body

£15 | 15 minsapprox.
What is it?

We provide disposable sticky feet, underwear and hair caps for every client.

Pre Treatment Preparation

– Consultation will take place prior to treatment commencing exfoliate 24 hours in advance, shave 24 hours in advance, wax 48hours in advance, minimal make up and deodorant prior to treatment

Post Treatment Preperation

– flip flops and loose dark clothing to leave the salon

Further Information?

– Allergies must be advised at time of booking or there is no guarantee a suitable alternative will be found. Nut traces may be found in products. We will not perform spray tans in the first trimester of pregnancy following manufacturers guidelines. If you are susceptible to allergies we would recommend a patch test.

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