Sides of Face

Sides of Face
Sides of Face

Sides of Face

£12.5 | 15 minsapprox.
What is it?

At The Greenroom, we use tea tree based products because they truly are a gift from nature!

Using the innovative and hygienic 'HY-waxing' system, commonly referred to as the 'Tube' system, our skilled therapists are able to carry out your waxing treatment to the highest level of comfort whilst ensuring hygiene levels are met at all times.

For the best possible results from your treatment please ensure your hair growth is approximately 3/4 of a centimetre.

Pre Treatment Preparation

A consultation will take place prior to treatment commencing

Do NOT use sunbeds and avoid sun exposure for 48 hours prior to treatment

Hair must be of a suitable length to ensure the best possible removal (we recommend hair being at least the length of an eyelash)

Post Treatment Preperation

Please avoid sun exposure for at least 48 hours after treatment

Avoid wearing tight clothing which could irritate the skin

Avoid heat treatments such as steam rooms and saunas for 48 hours after treatment has occurred

Do not go swimming for a minimum of 48 hours after your treatment

Further Information?

If you have any allergies, please advise us at time of booking. We use a tea tree based wax, however, if you have an allergy to tea tree, we have a honey wax alternative available at all times.

Certain skincare medications can make the skin highly sensitive, so please inform us if you are taking any.

Please, always let us know if something has changed since your last treatment.

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