£60 | 1 hrapprox.
What is it?

Hydrotherm is a massage system which places warm water-filled pads on top of a regular therapy couch. Your entire massage is carried out while you are face-up, on your back. Your therapist will slide their hands between you and the pads to give you your massage. Perfect for those that do not like turning half way through a massage or suffer from blocked noses from lying on their front for too long. Particularly effective for customers with aching joints. A truly unique experience.

Pre Treatment Preparation

Consultation will take place prior to treatment commencing.

We will consult with you to determine any specific areas of concern and assess what level of pressure you require

Post Treatment Preperation

relax, avoid alcohol , stay hydrated , limit strenuous activity

Further Information?

Not suitable during preganacy. Allergies must be advised at time of booking or there is no guarantee a suitable alternative will be found. Nut traces may be found in products.Medical consent by way of email from GP will be required for any uncontrolled medical conditions before treatment can commence.

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