File & Cuticle Tidy

File & Cuticle Tidy
File & Cuticle Tidy

File & Cuticle Tidy

£17.5 | 15 minsapprox.
What is it?

Complimentary nail file given with every hand and foot treatment. Complimentary foot rasp with every pedicure service. We only work with disposable implements for manicure/pedicure to ensure the highest levels of hygiene.

Pre Treatment Preparation

Consultation will take place prior to treatment commencing please advise if you require a removal service of shellac so we can reserve time accordingly.

Post Treatment Preperation

Apply solar oil to shellac regularly

Use hand cream

Nail polish particularly on hands will only last as long as the user allows.

Further Information?

Allergies must be advised at time of booking or there is no guarantee a suitable alternative will be found. Nut traces may be found in products.

we will not remove or work on another salons product, if you have warts or veruccas, athletes foot or any fungal nail infections we will be unable to treat you.

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